I usually have beef noodle soup but once in awhile, I miss the chicken noodle soup. So here it is, a healthy choice. Free range chicken from the farm prepared by a future high potential chef Chi Phan, j/k 🙂 I don’t think highly of myself when it comes to cooking. I just started to cook more lately. It’s convenient to eat out but sometimes I wonder what the “heck” they put in the food. I can’t stand too much MSG that some restaurants seem to abuse it. I don’t put MSG in my food at all, except when I cook for a party because I assume the guests like to be “poisoned” by MSG :P. Some of them reveal that they like MSG 😦 🙂 so I add a little MSG to satisfy their taste bud.

What do you think of my chicken noodle soup? It has herbal spices and herbal leaves.